Monday, July 6, 2020

LilacsNDreams 4th of July Celebrations Parade and Fireworks

4th of July with LilacsNDreams! Welcome everyone, and glad you could stop by!

So, how was everyone’s 4th of July weekend? Hope everyone was able to enjoy whether in celebrations, sharing time with family and friends, and just had a relaxing enjoying holiday weekend.

Where we live I was really impressed with things they did here for a small town. Didn’t know everyone, but it sure felt like a family community!

Friday there were a few fireworks done around time. You could smell it when you stepped out the door. Then Saturday morning they did a parade around town for the vets, and those being home. Everyone with their cars and trucks, old cars and trucks, motorcycles, golf carts, side by sides, razors, jeeps, tractor pulling wagon with tables people and kids on it, semi-truck, city ambulances, and a police escort. The other police vehicle was parked at our starting point saluting us all as we went by wearing his formal military dress uniform with his hat and all of his bars, and was well decorated. Pretty much drove up, and down each street with many people outside watching, waving, and video taping everything too. I drove our razor with our granddaughter, and flags hanging all along the back while she carried a couple of them too. Everyone was all dressed with flags, banners, etc. Was a proud time with this event.

Saturday night we had fireworks like I’ve never seen before. We parked at a designated spot, and time for the city to do their event. It was kind of like there were 4 locations around town that could be seen by everyone sitting around town. Along with the city doing theirs you had residents doing them before, in between, and a little bit afterwards too. Those residents used some spendy fireworks as they were so similar to what the city had. Hard to explain it, but it was beautiful!! I was so proud of our community coming together to do this!! Afterwards you seen smoke clouds everywhere! Couple of small spots you got through with no smoke clouds, but smoke clouds everywhere rolling which gives an idea of how much had been done during that special time. Amazing, and loved it!!

I hope everyone could enjoy their holiday in some way, hope everyone was able to have a little fun, and that y’all were safe too. Thanks for sharing your time with LilacsNDreams! Take care till the next time!

Monday, June 29, 2020

Vintage Collectibles Repurpose Restyle Upcycle Handmade DIY

LilacsNDreams Welcomes you to stop in, and visit for a little while. Hope everyone is doing well.

I normally have been sharing my passions of vintage collectibles, repurposing, restyling, upcycling, handmade, and DIY. Lately I’ve been caught up in our fixer-upper house we’ve been slowly working on that I have been sharing with you a little bit too. Sorry if it has been confusing for you. This COVID 19 in it’s own way has put a curve into a few things, and a few of the plans that were made for us, and many others. 

I might sound like a crazy person, it might get confusing a little bit, but please bare with me. I’m trying to fix fully what had recently happened. Sorry, but I need to make sure this is still reaching everyone, and is visible after an issue I had a few days ago with my site here. I’m gonna step back in time a little bit to help explain this issue to you.  

A few years ago I started my first blog.  As time went along I got my domain, my .com, and I directed that to the blog wanting to make it more of a website.  Trying to spruce things up a bit, make it a little bit better, and just a little more personable and professional too. At 1 point I had an issue happen that I was locked out of my 1st website/blog that I had started. Scared, nervous, of course not able to contact anyone with Google to speak with about it, was nervous for those who were visiting, and for those who were becoming regulars in visiting too. So, that same day I started another blog/website right away, and I redirected my domain/.com to where you are visiting today. Sent notices out, and put notices everywhere I could for this change to redirect everyone. 

Some time after all of that happened I was able to get into my old blog I started with. Some kind of minor glitch that happened was finally resolved. To by-pass any confusion for everyone I went into the old blog, and set it up for everyone to be directed here if they happen to click on it. Things have been pretty good since then. A few years later I still have my same domain that directs here, been trying to stay active here since some health issues a few years ago that put me out of commission for a long time. some point it kind of made an issue with Google having these places connecting. I realized that my Gmail account was part of the issue with the old 1 still around, me trying to keep the same blog name from when I first started things on the Internet, the combination of things, etc. So, I went into the old site, was going to revert this site over to that original one, get rid of the 1 email address, and trying to make Google happy without the confusion. I tested a few things, nothing drastic, and a couple days later I wanted to work with it a little more. That is when things had settled a little bit with the Internet, but became very scarey for me. The domain redirected, the blog address was saved where it was needed, and upon signing in I found things blank. All my posts were gone, I couldn’t get signed in properly, and my hands were tied. I was having issues taking care of things.

So, I walked away for a bit, cleared my head, came back to it, and worked on trying to reverse what I had done. Signed into my domain host to make sure my domain was directed correctly, got signed into the old place, and was pretty much able to reverse what I had done back to here.

So far things seem to be ok. I’ll work on things, walk away to let it settle a little more, and then come back to check that things are still working. Now I have to see how things are going with Google, my placement, if I’m being found, etc. IF things don’t go completely right I’ll have to consider another spot for all of this. I hope not because things are simple here, I’m able to get around better than another place I have reserved. Most importantly is that You are able to find me. 

I have been LilacsNDreams since about 2005 when I first started selling online, and I intend to continue with the name as long as I am physically able to. I hope everyone landed here okay today, and there were no issues. Thank you so much for your patience, and time with me as I try to progress. Take care, and see you again soon. 

Monday, June 15, 2020

Home Kitchen Remodeling and Having Fun

Welcome to LilacsNDreams with Home Kitchen Remodeling and Having Fun. Happy that you stopped by. We are still working on our home. Never ending job these past few weeks. Once the house is in order I will return to a little more norm of the postings I was doing about my vintage collectibles, my repurposing, restyling, upcycling, and some of the fun things. 

Remodeling, updating, fixer upper homes can be quite the chore. For us this is something new to be working on. Our first time going to this extent of redoing a home. It can be fun, exciting, fulfilling with accomplishment, and yes a few ups and downs too. Those ups and downs are mostly to the things you find, come across in the home as you remove some of the old, and are doing some of the new. I understand cutting costs where you can. We all do it. But, some of the things we are coming across....well, I still have my hair thankfully! 

Saturday we went to look at, and buy an unfinished pantry cupboard that was located for us. Wanted this done before we started to paint the kitchen cupboards. Keeping in mind we were focused on 1 cupboard to replace the spot where we removed an old one by our refrigerator. We got to Home Depot with intentions of 1 cupboard. Our home kitchen is small. Something we are not use to. Small kitchen with not much storage either. So, we have been putting into our minds pictures, and how we wish to revise the kitchen. Behind our kitchen is the laundry room which I always felt that maybe should have been a laundry pantry like room. Unfortunately, we are not able to knock the wall out to make the room bigger. So, with some changes we are revising it. 

Have you ever noticed how you go to a place to shop, you have 1 thing in mind to do, but along the way you view other things, decide to check on something for this or that, start thinking how maybe this can work there or maybe it would be great over here, and so on. Lol! Yep, we did the same thing. It’s almost like cutting a child loose into a candy store. 

We left Home Depot with 2 pantry cupboards, and 1 of the smaller cupboards you usually find next to 1 side of your stove. We roughly had measurements in mind, and were hoping we were close enough to do what we wanted, or able to revise a bit. Unfortunately, if we would have gotten the 2 matching pantry cupboards they would have worked greatly with our first thought of thinking. We came home with 2 different pantry cupboards, 2 different sizes, and a few inches short of them fitting. We brought them in, set them 1 way, moved the refrigerator, moved this there, and that there, and this over there, and after thinking, moving around a little bit, measuring, we finally came to a finalization of everything. The bigger cupboard by the refrigerator, and the smaller one will go into the laundry room which now is transforming into the laundry pantry room. Remove a shelf that can go out into the the way the garage has been cleaned, organized, restructured with the old kitchen cupboard we had removed. Gotta get the new floor laid in the laundry room just a little sooner than scheduled. In about 1-2 weeks new washer and dryer will be placed in there too. 

So, Saturday became a very eventful day with the cupboard issues, and was exhausting too! After all of that it was still fun, and enjoyable. We have slightly delayed plans, but it is much more enjoyable with the changes. What a change we are making, and how good it feels with it coming together too.

This is when cupboard was removed, before painting, etc.


Ok, here’s the new unfinished cupboard next to the frig. 

New unfinished cupboard next to the stove.

The new unfinished cupboard that will go into the laundry pantry room.

The corner the cupboard will go into once the shelf is removed, the floor is done, and a little organizing here. 

Can’t wait to see how this room will transform with the painted walls, new floor, new cupboard, and the new machines. I’m excited, and exhausted too. Lol! 

Thanks so much for stopping by LilacsNDreams today. Glad to have ya. Stay tuned for what comes! Take care everyone!

Monday, May 25, 2020

LilacsNDreams Memorial Day Thank You Kitchen Remodel

LilacsNDreams wants to wish everyone a Fun, Enjoyable, and Safe Memorial Day! Not as much activities as there normally would be which is hard. But, whatever you are able to do have fun, and enjoy it.

All we were going to do was paint our kitchen walls. I didn’t want to paint the cupboards. One advantage I don’t have a lot of wall to paint in the kitchen since it’s small. Mostly above the counters. We did talk a little bit about how to do the counter tops, and back splash. Also, we have a small island attached to the wall, and we discussed some ideas what to do to make a little more room. So, the cupboards are going to be a light grey. Almost like a white grey. The country blue chosen will go on what wall is in there, and I think we will put it within the archway to the kitchen too. The cupboard you see now will be removed, and I have found some adorable wood for the shelves that we will be adding that will blend with the grey, blue, the new window and door borders, and frame. Next weekend is our big weekend to get the flooring done. Hopefully our new door comes in to be put in too. 

Making this a little short today. Thinking of those who have, and are serving today for what freedoms we have. Big Thank You to them! 

Thanks for visiting LilacsNDreams! Be safe everyone! Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 18, 2020

Home Improvements Remodeling Out With Old in With New

Hi! Welcome to LilacsNDreams Home Improvements Remodeling Out With Old in With New. I apologize it’s been a little while for me. Kind of scarce lately. During this time of the virus I think I have been a little more busier than usual. I’m proud to say I’ve made some vintage collectible sales from my Etsy Shoppe I haven’t listed anything new, letting things expire, and will be moving over to Poshmark. It’s an advertising issue with Etsy I am not happy about at all!

Also, a lot of my time has been getting supplies, and materials needed for our remodeling task we are soon doing. My husband drives semi, his truck is due into shop for warranty work, that mechanic on vacation, and so hubby is scheduled home weekend of May 29. I have to schedule our dog for the vet while floors are being done. Our son got a partial start on some things. But, the floor linoleum, sub flooring, etc they both will be working on. Then...a new front door was decided on. Was gonna go buy it, and hubby reminded us that needed to go in before the flooring can be done. So, I got our local lumber company involved buying door from them, and they install it. Unfortunately, the door did not come in last week. Cross fingers it’s here by Wednesday this week. Or, I might have to make some quick decisions again.

The pictures I am sharing above are showing you the stacked boxes of the snap click flooring, the stack of sub flooring, rolls of paper, the connectors from carpet to linoleum, in doorways, etc. Also, the last picture shows the baseboards I chose, and we will also be replacing the framing around the windows, and door frames with the same thing. The biggest thing is to get everything to blend with each other. So far we have been lucky it’s all working. Of course the painting is half done. Kitchen needs to be painted, and I made a decision with cupboards there to paint also. Cross fingers.

Getting the tile was an issue! I had 1 chosen we all agreed on. The first Menards was out of what I needed. Went down road to other store as their truck came in. What a horrid experience there! They go to cut what was needed, we waited around store for about 45 minutes. Never got our name, phone number, etc. Went to check on it to pay, and leave. No one knew anything about it, guy was probably with truck yet, and no one would check on anything. Just turn their backs, and went back to what they were working on. 

On our way home we stopped at the first Menards to place order for what was needed. It would be here the following week, wow! Following week go to get it, and they didn’t have it. Went to other store, and everything they got was gone within a few days. That’s when we seen what we found was on sale, was cheaper than the roll we wanted, and was actually going to be easier for the guys to do. That’s when we matched up with the baseboards to use. Was a hassle for the flooring, but it also ended up being a little cheaper with me getting more materials for the money. Whew! 

Then, the bathroom sink I wanted they didn’t have in stock, and no idea when more could be ordered. Ugh!! So, went on line to look. I found one that was acceptable through Wayfair. That’s here already too! It’s gonna work out great in there! 

So, until the 29th these materials sit, and I’m waiting on our new front door to come and be installed. Busy, busy, busy. When it’s finally done it will be worth it. Then I have 2 bedrooms to work on. One has been painted, and partially carpeted too. The other one needs to be fully done. Shouldn’t take as long because it’s paint, and carpet.

Sounds kind of hectic, huh? It’s gotten a little stressful, but it’s worked out. More tiresome with these tasks than expected. Add the stress, and I’ve had some nights I was out fast.

Thanks for stopping by LilacsNDreams! Great to have you, and hope to see you again soon. Take care till the next time.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Corona Virus at Home and Everywhere

LilacsNDreams Corona Virus at Home and Everywhere is happy to have you visiting today. 

How is everyone doing with the virus outbreak that we are having to deal with together? At first everything was fine with being at home. Son is home from service, started and trying to finish some things with this house, hubby still up and down the road in the truck, etc. The weather has been improving, and makes you want to be outside. Sitting on the porch at night with the dog running around has been relaxing. Everything feels fine, and spring is definitely moving in!

Sadly you realize that your routines are still not like they use to be. I miss spending, or wasting time visiting some of the Good Will Stores, some of the Thrift Stores, and I should be crafting too. But....instead it’s been things with the house, doing errands for supplies or house, and looking at piles that need to be organized and put into place some where. 

I believe we have decided on the tile for the dining room, and kitchen. The tile is chosen for the bathroom, and we are pretty much decided with our bedroom carpet. We’re about 1/2 way done with things....our son is doing a lot of the work so far. Now to go buy the linoleum, sub flooring, any other tools needed, etc. Once we start that part of the home fixing hubby will come home for a few days to work with our son to complete that part. 

How does everyone feel about this virus that we are dealing with? I have watched, read, and viewed many different opinions with this thing. Some are petrified, majority of people have taken the precautions that they need to, some are ready for this to be over....many businesses, and many are ready for things to open back up. Interesting thing our son read to me the other night. In like 2014/2015 the US applied for a patent for the corona virus. Then, in 2019 I think it was Europe applied for the patent to corona virus cure. Really? So, they knew about the virus, and do have a cure for this disease. They act like this is such a new thing, but things have been coming up showing that they have known about this virus for a long time. So, what is our government doing? Is this their way of “cleaning house” of certain things we don’t know about? Wow! Kind of scarey when you think about it, right? 

Sorry, not trying to be political. Everyone has their own thoughts, and feelings for this issue. I’m happy we still have our freedoms to be able to do that too. Just sharing a few thoughts. Not trying to start anything here.

Thanks so much for visiting LilacsNDreams! Be safe, and see you again soon.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Home Improvements With Stay Home Virus Precautions

Home Improvements With Stay Home Virus Precautions with LilacsNDreams today.

This coronavirus COVID-19 disease has really effected our country with our every day tasks. Involving work, traveling, schools, businesses, banks, etc. Many of us are asked to stay home which unfortunately that can be very boring, and a little bit of a hair puller for some of us too.

Was it about mid February when things really started to take off with this disease? Prior to this time our son has come home from the service. He has done 8 years with the army, and says it’s time to be a civilian again. He gets home, and about a week later this outbreak with the virus really started. Watching places, and businesses slowly over time having to temporarily close. Some towns are almost like a ghost town with many staying home.

With our son being home he has been helping us start some changes, and completing/finishing some projects in our home too. We have been working on transferring our 1 room into a bedroom for him. Painting, carpet, and clearing out a lot of my projects that are working and completed. Clearing out my office area also. Trying to figure out new locations for everything is a little harder in a smaller home. So, we had 1 idea for the flooring in the bedroom, got 1/2 of room painted, and 1/2 of it carpeted. Now we need to go back to hardware store to get more carpet for us to finish the other 1/2 of this room. 

We have also completed the living room area with coats of paint, floor padding, and carpet. Had to use a little seaming tape, and the hot iron to combine the 2 separate pieces to cover the floor. Putting the furniture back into the living room makes a big change, and has confirmed I want some new furniture....couch especially. 

It definitely feels more like home, the room seems wider now, and I’m impressed with our handy work done so far. The walls use to be a dark tan color, and the wood floors were dark from all the before things that had been done, and from the carpet that had been removed. The bedroom use to be a darker blue. Much better with the white walls now. 

White walls can be boring if you let them. It’s a start for us knowing we can add to this as we go along. I have to go pick out some baseboards to add to the living room, and the bedroom which will make a change. I need to get new blinds for the windows in these rooms, and adding some wall hangings now would really help the look too.

Now to finish carpet, and paint in bedroom. Next is to pick out some tile for the dining room flooring that will unite nicely with the living room carpet. It’s a working progress, but we have a great start to this right now.

Thank you for visiting with LilacsNDreams! Hope you enjoyed your visit today, and I look forward to seeing you again.